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Successful Customer Service

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Service mentality

As a customer service representative, Write on the following topics what will you do different in the past and the future as customer service representative to be successful in your daily work..

Empathy, Enthusiasm, Ownership, Responsibility, Adaptability, Balance, Resiliency,

Determining Caller Needs

Better Listener, Welcome the caller, Concentrate, Keep an open mind, an assumption, Feed back from the consumer, Take notes

Open and close ended question

Probing question

Echo question

Leading question

The and Technique

Interpreting question

Six Cardinal Rules

a) people before paper work

b) don't rush your caller

c) be friendly before you know who it's

d) don't be too busy to be nice

e) don't use jargon language

Business curt to courteous

Voice, Tone of voice, Words, Body language, Listener perception, Communication Tools, Volume

Delivering business friendly customer services

People are not just friendly

Solve the problem

Show empathy

Smiles do be cold.

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Service Mentality: This link will help: http://hvacrdistributionbusiness.com/mag/service_mentality_characteristics/
The seven main parts of service mentality are:
-Empathy. This is when you put your self into the shoes of the customer and feel their pain, frustration, or anger. As a customer service representative this is key for helping to understand the customer's position.
-Enthusiasm: being spirited and engaged with the customer.
-Responsibility: being held accountable for giving great service. Don't pass the buck.
-Resiliency: this is tough for sales people who spend their days making calls, dealing with unhappy customers but is key to success. You must bounce back after tough sales, tough customers.
-Balance: making sure you walk the fine line between helping the customer as much as possible but maintaining profitability for your company.
-Ownership: this ties into responsibility. Basically taking charge of the customer regardless of what has happened in the past and working to make/keep the sale.
-Adaptability: being flexible to the customers needs, demands.

One of the key ingredients in customer service is determining the caller needs. Some customers call to complaint. As a customer service representative you need to be prepared to listen and acknowledge the customer's frustrations. Other customers call with very small, easy to answer issues-in fact, so easy that the answer can be readily found on the internet, service manual or with common sense. These customers often are lonely and want someone to talk with. It is important to be kind to these customers but ...

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This detailed solution outlines and describes the importance of empathy, enthusiasm, responsibility, adaptability, resiliency, determining caller needs, importance of open/close ended questions, probing questions, echo questions, leading questions, interpreting questions, voice, tone, customers before paperwork, and a host of customer service issues. It includes examples, and links.