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    Do you believe that Lanier Company continued to be successful?

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    Lanier Company Home Page www.lanier.com

    Do you believe that Lanier Company continued to be successful? Why or Why not?

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    Yes, I believe that Lanier Company continued to be successful for its direct customers link, strong customer orientation, solid technology support, developed customer care and providing customer solution taking into account their convenience, reducing cost & providing excellent quality.

    Following are salient points for its success:
    ? Customer base ? Lanier has a strong base of Fortune 1000 customers
    ? Nationwide distribution strength ? Lanier has over 350 U.S. locations.
    ? Ability to be close to the customer ? For the most part, Lanier's distribution is direct.
    ? Customer care program ? Called Customer Vision, its total focus is to see Lanier through the eyes of the customer.
    ? Major account strength ? Implementation is through the company-owned branches.
    ? IT strengths ? Knowing that digital is the way of the future and being able to leverage the digital infrastructure built for other businesses, Lanier has built competencies in this area.
    ? Global reach ...

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