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    How do you sell to or market to CCs? What do you believe precipitates/creates loyalty for them? Assess their Basic Factors. What might excite them?...........And finally: are you a CC?

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    From, Marketing To The Cultural Creatives By Paul Ray

    "Fifty million strong, they are the Cultural Creatives, the leading-edge thinkers and creators of a new culture in America. And the success of your business depends on getting to know them.

    What holds the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) industry concept together? Surprisingly, it's the values and lifestyles of its consumers: It's not just their buying patterns for products and services but what they believe is most important in life. They are willing to put their money down on what they believe. They are a very distinctive group in American society, and there is a very definite way to approach and sell to them.

    In fact, your business depends on knowing all about these, because they are finicky about the wrong approach but very loyal to those businesses that do appeal successfully to their values with products and services that fit their lifestyles. Indeed, after twelve years of values and lifestyles surveys of well over 100,000 Americans, and from more than 100 focus groups and dozens of in-depth interviews, it has become clear that the LOHAS consumer phenomenon is not just about market research. LOHAS consumers represent the emergence of an entire subculture of Americans who embrace a distinct way of life.

    In the 1960s, there were too few of them to measure with standard surveys. Today that subculture has quietly grown to 26 percent of adults, for a total population of 50 million. I call them Cultural Creatives (CCs). I do so because they are "leading edge" thinkers and creators of a new culture in America, and they are the most influential opinion leaders for your products. They dominate the market for sustainable products, for organic and natural foods, for alternative healthcare, and for products and services related to personal growth and spirituality. CCs are seriously concerned with self-actualization, spirituality, self-expression. They like the foreign and exotic and enjoy new ideas. They're socially concerned, advocating ecological sustainability, women's issues, peace, social justice, and planetary awareness. These aren't separate concerns; when marketing to a CC, you'll do much better appealing to the whole package of principles. CCs are the ones who invented "authenticity," and heaven help you if you come across as "inauthentic" -- which is the way your ad agency is likely to make you look.

    These are the people who read labels carefully and consult Consumer Reports when deciding on big purchases. CCs are twice as likely as the rest of Americans to be at the leading edge of environmental and sustainability concerns and far more likely to volunteer and be activists in any of the movements that have changed our lives from the 1960s to now: alternative health care, organic foods, new spiritualities, personal growth psychologies, anti-nuclear energy, peace, women's rights, civil rights, and jobs and social justice. In fact, they're twice as likely to have been interested in several such movements as the rest of Americans. Yet they completely reject "the culture wars," which pit social conservatives and the religious right -- the Traditionals -- against the secular Moderns who believe in the world according to Time magazine."


    How do you sell to or market to CCs? What do you believe precipitates/creates loyalty for them? Assess their Basic Factors. What might excite them?...........And finally: are you a CC?

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    Here is the thing about CC - they are all about receiving good service and good products, and they want to make sure that their hard earned money is spent in an appropriate way.

    The way to sell to these individuals is based on building a relationship with them. This is the foundation to succeeding in this market.

    How do you build a relationship? There are few critical factors that you need to keep in mind.

    1) There are two type of businesses - those who are transactional in nature, and those that are relational. Transactional businesses are interested in cutting costs. They are interested in the bottom line. Profit. How many sales can go through in 1 hour. How can they pay the least amount of fixed costs? The second type of business is relational. How can they appease a customer? How can they make the customer feel welcome? What can they do to solve the customer's problems, provide them solutions? As you can see, one is based on numbers, and one is based on the customer. To market to a CC you need to be transactional in nature. You need to develop a relationship with these people. You need to take the time to understand their needs. You need to know what excites them, what products they are interested in, and what will keep them coming back again. By focusing on numbers, it is impossible to get this personalized information. Employees who are underpaid because the company wants to cut costs will not treat the customer with the same respect as an employee who is well paid and actually cares about the consumer.

    2) Consistency. These people strive on consistency. The seller has to be consistent in what they promise and what they ...

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