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Using information and communications technology

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Use information and communications technology
To perform effectively you need to:
- select the appropriate software for the task, according to the needs and resources of your organisation
- access files on your computer or your organisation's network
- create, edit and formar files • use formulae, functions and tools to manipulate, analyse and interpret data
- use a search engine to find information on the internet or intranet
- send and receive emails (using features wuch as address books, attachments etc)
- protect software and data from security risks such as theft, viruses or unauthorised access.

Achievement of this performance objective requires consistent performance over a period of time. Evidence of this may include validation from third parties, and may be demonstrated as part of carrying out other activities.

Examples of relevant activities include:
- using standard software packages including word processing and spreadsheet applications
- using standard accounting software packages
- using the internet and other IT resources for research purposes
- using standard software packages for organising and analysing data eg databases
- using standard software packages for the design and/or delivery of presentations
- using email applications to communicate both inside and outside your organisation.

These examples illustrate how you might demonstrate this performance objective. They are not obligatory - you may prefer to think of other ways that show you how to perform effectively in this area.
Key knowledge and understanding: business management Apply information systems and knowledge management to implement and support business functions and strategic objectives.

Question 1: Describe your experience of using information technology Max 500 words

Question 2: How have you applied your IT skills to improve your personal performance? Max 500 words

Question 3: How have your IT skills and associated improved performance benefited the wider organisation? Max 500 words

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Q1. Experience of using information technology
I have always been inclined towards technology and ever ready to adopt new technology. Ever since internet became a buzzword I have been hooked on to the new world of sharing information. I was among first among my class to create an email account for myself. With gaining popularity of social media, I was the trendsetter among my friends to create social profiles. I have used information technology to increase my knowledge and be on top of new developments in the industry. The IT is present everywhere in my life from electronic devices I use, multimedia and computers and smart phone I use every day. I use internet every day, for socializing, learning about coursework and to get general updates on happenings in the world. Sometimes there is an urgent requirement to find answer to something and internet comes to my rescue.
Also with limitation on my time to indulge in shopping, I have started using online retail sites to fulfill my requirements without stepping out of the house. These purchases have been possible due to improvements in the e-tailing industry. Earlier people were afraid of sharing their credit card details over the internet, but with improvements in technology it is no longer a challenge. I pay my cell phone bill online using my debit card. Information technology has improved my communication system. Since phones are pretty expensive, I use live chat and voice messages ...

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The appropriate software for the tasks according to the needs and resources of the organization is determined.

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