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    Digital Privacy

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    Research Websites and other technologies that provide private information on U.S. citizens.

    Please help me respond to the following questions:
    1.List and describe at least three (3) technologies that allow an individual to research citizens' private data.
    2.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of public access to this information, both for the researchers and those who are being " investigated".
    3.Determine what measures citizens can take to protect private information or information they do not want to be disclosed.
    4.Discuss a federal law that grants the federal government the legal right to make private information on U.S. citizens available to the public, and whether or not you agree with this law.
    5.Determine whether there are "electronic privacy laws" that can prevent others from having access to "private information" as well as how effective they are.

    The specific learning outcomes associated with these questions are:

    -Analyze employee and consumer privacy under the law.
    -Use technology and information resources to research issues in law, ethics, and corporate governance.
    -Write clearly and concisely about law, ethics, and corporate governance using proper writing mechanics.

    There is no word limit requirement. References are required.

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    Step 1
    The first technology is a computer that has access to the medical records of health care providers. This technology allows an individual to access the medical records that are private data. The second technology is the third party websites where patients maintain their records. Access to the website through the internet and its information can give access to information. This is private data of a citizen. The third technology is an intranet through which an individual can access the personnel records of an employee. Any terminal that is connected to the firm intranet can provide access to an individual.

    Step 2
    The advantages of public access are that the person can assess a person for the purpose of appointment, employment, or investigation. The disadvantages are that the ...

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