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What is Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)?

Q1. What is Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)? Why is it critical for law enforcement and security professionals to address REP prior to taking any action against a violator? What issues arise during the admission of digital evidence at trial?
Q2. Why is written computer security policy so critical for Information Security professionals? Why is it important that everyone have a common understanding from a policy standpoint? What two departments or areas should always be consulted prior to creating a computer security policy?

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Reasonable expectation for privacy means reasonable expectation of privacy,that is, a reasonable expectation that what one does or says will not be seen or heard by someone else.The expectation of privacy is not reasonable if the behaviors or communications in question were knowingly exposed to public view. Neither the simple desire for privacy, nor the fact that one took steps to obtain it, entitles one to reasonably expect it. For example, even if one set up roadblocks, hung "no trespassing" signs and moved ones house back into the woods, one might still be under surveillance from the air without ones Fourth Amendment rights being violated. A reasonable expectation of privacy exists if 1) ...

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The expectation of privacy is crucial when it comes to distinguishing a legitimate and reasonable approach from an unreasonable one. In this write up, I will discuss the importance of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy when it comes to your computer's security. This write up will also discuss major issues that took place during the admission of digital evidence.