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Useful employment related websites

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Presented below are a diverse sample of employment related Web sites:

eLance.co (www.elance.com)
Guru.com (www.guru.com)
Monster.com (monster.com)

Take a look at each of these sites. Which site did you find most useful? Why? List some of the notable Web site features.

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Solution Summary

This solution provides recourses and compares them to determine which is most useful and why, as well as explaining notable features on the different sites.

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The monster.com website is a great deal more professional than the other sites. On monster.com one is able to drill the search down much more than on the other sites, to search not only by job title but also by skill, and also by particular location. In addition, the site sorts jobs by categories and industries. It is much more complete than the other sites.

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