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    Materials Available for Resource Technology

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    visit the web site for PC Magazine, http://www.pcmag.com/

    Examine some of the materials available. Read a couple of the articles. Follow up on some of the links. In general, try to understand why the site is organized as is, what the purpose for making this available is, what its value might be to either a corporate staff person or a student or someone else interested in knowledge management issues, and what place this kind of web site would have in the general field of information technology. These resources are free to you, but they cost something to assemble and maintain. Look over the commercial links on this site. See what's being offered, and to whom. Think about why they're paying for the privilege of putting their names in front of you.

    Discuss your findings.

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    The solution is in the attached document. Your instructions did not mention additional references beyond the pcmag.com site.

    The site, pcmag.com, is organized into computer technology related areas. Main articles
    offer advice and knowledge for both the business and casual computer/technology user. The three
    main articles offer advice and recommendations on computer or device related topics. On the right
    side, are ads for computer products and services. The article on recycling computers, iPhones and
    other technology is extremely helpful, both to individuals and businesses. As more consumers
    become interested in recycling and reducing their impact on the environment, this article should
    receive plenty of attention. Today, more businesses want to become sustainable, or at least develop
    some sustainable practices. The tips on donating used computers to community groups can help an
    organization make a greater contribution to the local community, while also taking steps to become
    more environmentally friendly. A suggestion such as donating used computers allows a business
    to consider more options in how it interacts and gives back to the community.
    A review of iPhone applications is useful for students, who may not be able to afford all the
    newest applications. The review highlights some free applications too, so ...

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