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    IT industry and the ethics related to the industry

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    //In the present paper, the major focus will be on the IT industry and the ethics related to the industry. In this context, the paper will first present the ethics in IT industry and the issues related to ethics that the industry faces. Along with this paper will also highlight the ways in which these ethical issues could be handled adequately.//
    IT or Information Technology is the fastest growing industry that deals with processing and management of information in the large organizations. In the business world, it allows the organizations to work effectively and efficiently to increase productivity (Zhou, 2013). Within an IT industry, there are several types of work such as IT consultancy, IT sales, games development, data analysis, content management, computer forensics, application development, cyber security and risk management. Other types of work include technical support, telecommunications, web designing, system management. IT services are being used in all types of organizations such as public sector, games development, financial services, manufacturing and retail sectors (Patricia, 2013). It has become an integral part of every industry which drives global economic growth.
    IT is considered as the most robust industry in the present environment as it has increased productivity. IT encompasses all the possible element of the information system based on computers. IT involves both hardware and software development and telecommunication that facilitate the flow of technological products and services from manufacturers to the customers (Koput & Gutek, 2010). The future of IT industry is strong as the corporate are investing a huge amount in IT and the IT users are increasing as information technology has transformed the lives of users in some or the other way. The technology has influenced every business and personal lives of people and fueled all the major businesses across the world. Technology has also changed the way the organizations sell their products and services, its operations, and future growth strategies. IT industry makes most of its earnings from other businesses and enterprises and a small portion of spending come from the customers. IT industry assures accessibility to information with ease, and it also enhances the operational efficiency along ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1305 words with APA references