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Discussion on IT Applications and Groupware

You are to visit one wiki site that allows you to create your own wikis. This is an example: http://pbwiki.com/. In this site, you can create your own wiki. Other similar sites are the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_wiki_software.

If for some reason you cannot create your own wiki, you can also look for existing wikis for evaluation. Here you have a nice list of them: http://lists.econsultant.com/top-best-wikis-websites.html

Write a review of the website, structured as follows (please use these headings):

Try to set up your own wiki and select a existing one:
- Name and description of the wiki you selected
- Summary description of its structure and purpose
- Its overall "look and feel" and apparent target audience
- What you find useful about this wiki
- Your personal application: reasons for your selection and how would you use it
- Any other things about the tool that you find interesting
- Bottom-line evaluation of its value to you

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The existing one selected is Wikibooks. This website can be accessed at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page

- Name and description of the wiki you selected:

Wikibooks is a website that allows its users to edit books displayed on the website. Currently, there are 2,398 books with 37,098 pages. This wiki makes available free text books and manuals. This is a site that has instructional books. These instructional materials can be used in a classroom, home-school environment and for self-learning. The site also hosts annotated texts. Essentially this is collaborative book authoring website. It has instructional books on several topics. It is worked by the Wikimedia Foundation.

- Summary description of its structure and purpose:

The Wikibooks site has two parts namely Wikijunior which provides books to children and cookbooks which has recopies and books related to similar topics. The purpose of the wiki is to make sure that these books are freely distributed and can be reproduced. Wikibooks has textbooks, annotated texts, manuals, and instructional guides. The browsing allows searching for books using ...

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In 533 words, this solution analyses the Wikibooks site, thoroughly examining the structure of this site and how it is a useful resource for its target audience.