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    Computer security checklist

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    Design a checklist for assessing computer security controls. The checklist should be organized as follows:
    Three major categories: preventive, detective, and corrective controls.
    Appropriate subcategories for each major topic discussed in this chapter.
    For each subcategory, develop individual questions about the existence of specific control procedures, each question should have three possible answers: Yes, NO, Not Applicable.

    The text we are using is Accounting Information Systems
    10th Edition
    by Marshall B. Romney and Paul John Steinbart
    © 2005 Prentice Hall

    This information is supposed to help me later in the course to design an AIS.

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    Computer security checklist

    Computer security checklist
    To protect the practice against viruses, computer theft, disasters and data loss, a computer security checklist is used (Practice Security Checklist). Security checklist contains the following terms like review of policy and procedures, diffusion testing from external and internal network, network device evaluation, topology evaluation, application evaluation, and server evaluation (Rahardjo, Triwidada, & Sutarman, 2004).
    With the help of a checklist, risk could be reduced quickly and easily from viruses, hackers, computer theft and other similar threats. To protect the computer from viruses and threat, some simple steps are designed (Practice Security Checklist). They don't provide full protection but helps to reduce the risk. They are not hard to use, but they are very important. To maintain the security of a computer, proper checklist should be made, which must include:
    ? Back up: Backing up the practice management data regularly that is like an insurance policy. It allows the practice to recover fast and run rapidly after a data loss. The hardware could be replaced and application software could be reloaded from original media, recovery of data files (Practice Security Checklist).
    ? Physical Security: A key step in securing the information stored is to ensure that physical security of desktop, laptop and server ...

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