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IT Manager's Role in the Need for an Organization's Security

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Imagine that you are a manager in a particular functional area (information technology, accounting, operations, etc.,). an overview of security aspects that would be integral to effective functioning of your position and area of responsibility. What security concerns do you need to address?

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The IT Manager's Role in the Need for an Organization's Security
Company information is as valuable a company asset as money in the bank. In fact, some information can be even more valuable than cash, so protecting the company's information with appropriate security is critical to business success. The network and data security measures you put in place for your business, from a firewall to a data backup system, are physical manifestations of business rules. You make business decisions about how important your computer network and the data it holds are to your business, and as well as how you want to protect it. Data security systems are the direct result of those business decisions.
Security exists on many layers. Network security considerations begin with (but are not limited to) a range of factors, (Alexander, 1996). In order to effectively maintain security within an organization, the IT Manager is responsible for the following:
• How company office facilities are selected and maintained,
• How potential employees are screened,
• The remote access policy and procedures to the company's systems and information, and
• What kind of encryption and firewalls are provided in the corporate network.
The greatest asset within an organization is information which encompasses a wide range of diverse sections including: computer data, marketing strategies, tax and personnel records, financial data, communications, and business plans. Internal information is a strategic and competitive tool for an organization. Computers and software are a part of a world-wide network, no longer existing in limited constraints, making them more susceptible to information abuse and more in need of network security, (Barrett, 1996). Barrett (1996), goes on to say that hackers can steal or tamper with information ...

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The IT Manager's Role in the Need for an Organization's Security
Company information is as valuable a company asset as money in the bank. In fact, some information can be even more valuable than cash.

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