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    Integrity and Security systems within Medicaid system.

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    Information systems within Medicaid have improved over the last decade but they still have a way to go regarding security issues, patient rights, and medical information for individuals.

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    Information Security System and the Medicaid System

    In today's global environment it is crucial organizations maintain an efficient and secure management information system to allow key decision-makers the ability to make accurate and reliable business decisions regarding security measures, customer's safety, the environment, and their businesses.
    Globalization seen as the answer to having a competitive advantage does not come without issues. In the real world, businesses are face with increased competition, budget cuts, lack of skills, and layoffs. In addition, other crisis' converging because of globalization not yet addressed include resource depletion, environmental degradation, population issues, debt, the viability of the global financial systems, and government funding issues. Economist's appear focused on weak models and are missing the world's real problems. The expansion of business sis seen through rose colored glasses. As globalization continues to grow so does the problems of hacking, computer viruses, security breaches, and identification theft. One organization faced with a huge responsibility in these areas is the Medicaid system. A main weakness is no matter how secure or the amount of security is in place, the threat of hacking into security systems still exists. Management Information used as a resource is restricted for reasons of nation security, privacy, sensitivity, or proprietary right. In addition, this organization is responsible for policy data, equipment and software application, and related personnel, services, facilities, and other resources (Management Issues, 2015).
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    Medicaid offers a workflow systems that has streamline the claims processing functions and improved the efficiency of claim operations, internet access, and portals that enhance the selective access of external stakeholders.