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    I/O Operation and Internet security

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    1.A process is said to be I/O-bound if it requires a lot of I/O operations, whereas a process that consists of mostly computations within the CPU/memory system is said to be compute-bound. If both a compute-bound process and an I/O-bound process are waiting for a time slice, which should be given priority? Why?

    2. Identify and describe three concerns dealing with Internet security and privacy?

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    1. I/O-bound process should be given priority. Two reasons:
    a) An I/O-bound process is slower than a compute-bound process. By given priority to the I/O-bound process, the system will have chance prepare data for the fast compute-bound process.
    b) The I/O-bound process could be a user enteing data. By given priority to the I/O-bound process in this case, the system will also provide more responsive service along with the advantage above.

    2. Three widely accepted elements (aims, principles, qualities, ...

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