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Computer Information Systems and Management Metrics

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I need your help with questions on Computer Information System. I need your help with an article that I have to write a paper on, which I have already written 7 pages. I also need help with defining MANAGEMENT METRICS.

The title of the article is "Ensure Data and Database Interoperability Management Metrics 16-Point Plan Metrics Overview: 16 critical software practices" (http://www.iceincusa.com/16CSP/content/10_data/mmtrrgt.htm). Thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Interesting topic! Please see response attached for a broader explanation and a tentative outline for your paper. I hope this helps and take care. I downloaded the article in the attached response for convenience.


The following information is from the article.


Management Metrics refers to software metrics, which are designed to give a manager an accurate picture of where they are and what is going on in the software development. While predicting the future is a notoriously difficult undertaking, some metrics can provide advance warnings about what lies ahead. While it seems obvious that a good manager should prefer using quantitative information to ...

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This solution discusses the suggested article on various dimensions, such as the definition of management metrics, managing through metrics, the purpose of metrics and the suggested 16-point minimal metrics needed for success. It also provides a tentative outline and suggested headings for the paper.

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