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Technology Management

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Technology Management Paper Prepare a 700 word paper identifying at least three challenges to either employee or customer retention that managers are likely to face due to changes in technology, and describe how you would address each challenge in your role as a manager.

With 2 references in paper APA format. Orginal material.

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Three Challenges to Employee Retention That Managers Are Likely To Face Due To Changes in Technology

The first challenge that managers are likely to face is that the employees are not familiar with the new technology. Their output fall, they feel uncomfortable with the new technology and feel that they will be evaluated in a manner that is detrimental to them. This causes the employees to leave the company. Several valuable and well experienced employees have been lost simply because of computerization of services. Related to this is the problem of training employees when new technology is introduced. There are limited financial resources that are available for training of existing employees and the managers are forced to offer training only to the top employees (Benamati S. & Lederer A 1998). The others feel neglected and the employee turnover rate increases. The introduction of new technology may be in the operations of the company or it may relate to the products of a company. A company that made housecleaning products changed over to providing cleaning services and there was a huge challenge to retaining employees. There was inadequate budget for training the current ...

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