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Managerial Roles

Consider these roles: managerial roles, interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles.
Questions: Which role do you believe is the most important to the development of management within an organization. Why? How can it be developed within the senior management of an organization? You can relate this to your own organization if you'd like.

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Step 1:
The role that I believe is most important for the managerial development is the informational role. In the role of a monitor, the manger receives and collects information. In the role of a disseminator of information, the manager transmits information into the organization. The top level manager receives and transmits information from people outside of the organization.
Step 2:
In my organization which is a manufacturing organization, the managers at the top need to receive and collect information. The managers seem to have little information about the output of each team, the ...

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