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'Winning Every Day' and Military Leadership

How can the book "Winning Every Day" by Lou Holtz, be applied to military leadership? Can the concepts of his book provide the basis for success as a leader in the military. Point out examples within the book that may apply.

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Winning Every Day: A Summary

In the Winning Every Day book, Lou Holtz, a renowned motivational speaker, outlined ten strategies that will aid the average person to the top of his professional and personal life. These strategies aim to help a person in acquiring the focus and commitment needed to win, hence the title "Winning Every Day." Holtz's purpose in writing "Winning Every Day" is to show that in order to be successful; one must be willing to sacrifice in order to win every day.

In "Winning Every Day" Lou Holtz said "Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it." This phrase summarizes the entire essence of the book that is a person's success in life is the function of that person's talent, motivation and attitude. In the absence of one factor, a person can only go so far. As a matter of fact, in the Introduction to the book, Holtz implied that talent may be less important that motivation and attitude. Specifically, he mentioned that he had known teams which were short on talent win famous victories as a result of them being more prepared, more focused, and having better work habits than their more talented opponents.

In his twenty seven years plus career as a head football coach, these factors - talent, motivation and attitude - were integral part in every design of the game plan for each team in order to "minimize ...

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The solution discusses whether the book, 'Winning Every Day' is relevant to leadership within the military.