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    What is the importance of face-to-face feedback?

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    What are the best leadership practices of face-to-face feedback?

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    Feedback is shared information from one individual to another, referencing their growth or lack thereof, to help them achieve a goal. As a leader, it is important to understand how to give feedback and to receive it (Creighton.edu, n. d.). Feedback can be face-to-face, and written and positive or negative but respectful during the process.

    There is a difference between feedback and advice. According to Bell (1998), "advice is about expanding knowledge; feedback is about filling a blind spot." It helps the recipient to see clearly, gain knowledge and understanding of the matter. The rationale of feedback is to be constructive and help the individual improve performance or ...

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    Feedback is sharing information with someone to enable them to achieve a goal. The feedback can be oral or written, negative or positive.