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Types of leadership style: participative leadership

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Identify the type of leadership style that you are most personally comfortable along with the name of a leader that typifies this style. How would the leadership style you most closely respond to affect organizational behavior in a large food manufacturing company like Nabisco with hundreds of employees?

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The participative leader is one I am comfortable with. This leader encourages participation, ideas, and plans from people on their team, using those considered worthy by the leader. Donald Trump is this type of leader, expecting his employees to come up with ideas and plans, to problem solve, and to protect the company when they see a problem. I think this type of leader would be excellent in a company like Nabisco. Donald has famously taken his style to television, assigning a task to groups of people and ...

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A review of the participative leadership style, Donald Trump as an example, and how such a leadership style helps Nabisco.