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    Autocratic, Participative, and Free Rein Leadership Styles

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    I am investigating major leadership theories and models. I am looking for the pros and cons of each of the following theories. I have chosen to go with Autocratic, Participative, and Free Rein as my theories. Comment on how each theory fits with your own personal style.

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    I'll give you some input, but you will have to comment on how each theory fits into your personal style (since I don't know you!).


    This is a good style for people who have strong personalities and know what they want to do. It is useful for individuals who have a strong vision of the future. They know their goals and they know how to arrive at the goals' ends.

    Its downfall is that people who have to respond to this style of leadership often feel as if their input is irrelevant or ignored. Since an autocratic ...

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    Provides a simple description of the these three major leadership models. In addition, probing questions are asked to help you develop understanding of these styles even further. If you are studying management or leadership and need to evaluate these styles in light of your own personality, then this solution is for you.