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    Situational Variables Affecting Relationship-Motivated Leaders

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    Please help with the following. Please answer in detail with at least 200 words. This information comes from Leadership Theory and Practice 4th edition by Peter G. Northouse (2007).

    Explain what/how situational variables affect task motivated and relationship-motivated leaders. Apply these factors to a work situation in which you were involved as a worker or a leader. Which of the 3 factors had the greatest impact on your situation and why? What category does this situation fall into?

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    Situational variables affect leadership performance and many leadership models consider them aside from the leader/follower relationship. These variables recognize that an effective leader in one situation may not necessarily be effective in other situations. There are three situational variables, the leader-member relations, task structure, and position power. The leader-member relations refer to the atmosphere and the degree of loyalty, confidence, and attraction of followers for the leader in a group. This is the strongest of the situational variables as it determines a relationship from a scale of good to poor. The degree of clarity of the requirements of a task as spelled out by the leader is the task structure. It goes from structured task which is repetitive, routine and unambiguous, to unstructured task which is the opposite. Position power determines the amount of authority that a leader has to reward or punish his/her followers. This is the weakest variable and goes from strong ...

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    The solution discusses how situational variables affect task motivated and relationship-motivated leaders. These factors are applied to a work situation and the factor which has the greatest impact on the situation is discussed. References included.