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Sexual Harassment,Power, Political Action & Leadership

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1. Show the connection between sexual harassment and the abuse of power.
2. Determine whether a political action is ethical.
3. Define power and contrast leadership and power.
I need about 150 words for each answer so I can incorporate it in my essay

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This solution discusses the connection between sexual harassment and the abuse of power, whether a political action is ethical and defines power, then contrasting leadership and power. Includes APA formatted references.

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1. Show the connection between sexual harassment and the abuse of power.

Sexual harassment is "unwanted sexual behavior such as physical contact or verbal suggestions that adversely affect the working environment" (Harvard Kennedy School, 2013). Sexual harassment may take the form of subtle comments, inappropriate jokes, or a demand for sexual favors. It involves creating a hostile or unfavorable environment for the other person. The important component of any type of sexual harassment is that the harasser has control (power) over the situation, thus dominating and intimidating the harassed. Sexual harassment is an example of abuse of power because it involves one person dominating another or manipulating the situation to control the other person. In a study reported in Science Daily, male and female employees of varying levels and job types discussed sexual harassment. The men and women disagreed what connotated sexual harassment but all agreed that "sexual harassment is more about power than sex" (University of ...

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