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Recognizing Effort: Leadership Reflection

Provide recognition for someone. This has to be a person that reports to someone else, because it is required to recognize this person to their manager. Remember, we are used to complaining, and moving heaven and earth to complain, but this week, put that much energy into a recognition effort for someone.

Prepare a reflection where you describe your experience and analyze what you have learned about leadership through your experience.

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Positive Recognition in the workplace is critical. Too often, employees become accustomed to no recognition of negative recognition for their efforts. It is a normal human response, to expend effort in tandem with the recognition they receive. In other words, if an employee receives no recognition or negative recognition, the minimal amount of effort is expended. If they receive helpful and positive feedback, employees will most likely increase their effort accordingly.

This affect is explained by Skinners Behavioral Model

Skinners model seeks to understand behavior as a result of the history of ...

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This solution provides a reflection on leadership.