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Perspective of leadership from a leader

Leadership Project

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Interview (in person or by phone) a person who you admire and respect (and someone who is outside of your family) who you see as a leader. Your goal is to learn everything about their perspective on leadership. It is recommended that you tape the interview so that you can refer to and extract exact quotations from it. Be sure to clear the recording with your interviewee.


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I am a professor and a Doctor of Conflict Resolution. More importantly, I am a volunteer and work with many people to do the things that need to be done. As a child my mother expected us to help others and so I did things like collect dimes for a March of Dimes project. In the 1960's collecting three thousand dimes, I made more money than all but two of the walk-a-thon participants. That $300 got me a special award and I still do not know why it was given to me, besides the fact, I was only eight. When I joined Camp Fire Girls I was immediately was voted president and then had to spend the next few days learning the handbook, so I would know the rules and how to conduct meetings. This type of thing often happens. I worked for many years as a accountant and found that as a temporary worker I was in high demand to come into a company and fix the problems, create a working system, and then find someone to work permanently. This was also true when I worked in construction. I usually was hired to "fix" problems.

I worked as a volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and was assigned twice to children with difficult families. Since the family comes to the organization, these families were usually hiding problems. Working with them, we found the problems and then the solutions they needed. I have also worked creating organizations for students I work with in the classroom, events, and public relations campaigns that needed more emphasis. As a sponsor, leader, or organizer I always try to ...

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A discussion on the perspective of leadership from an interviewed subject. How does the leader act, how does the leader lead, and other important thoughts on leadership.