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Leadership that is Dysfunctional

Complete a one-page journal of how the information within the readings in this module relate to your own leadership. Have you been involved in Groupthink? Do you consider yourself narcissistic? What can you do to overcome some of your shortfalls in your leadership?

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Dysfunctional Leadership

The way the information within the reading in this module relates to my own leadership is how not to be. For many years, I have studied people in management and learned how not to be compulsive, paranoid, codependent, or passive-aggressive. I do know several leaders who are like each of these. The worst scenario is passive-aggressive as the leader loses sight of the goals and working with teams. It takes a team effort to successfully manage or lead anyone. What happens is instead of the leader having followers, the person wants to control the situation and dictate what will be done even if it is the wrong thing.

When teams come together for a purpose, there needs to be communication. Even at that, I have never been a part of "groupthink" where people of similar backgrounds ...

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