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    Leadership Styles: Jean Chretien-Prime Minister in Canada

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    I was asked to read a book and pick excerpts from the book that describe Former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien's leadership.

    Specifically, Chretien's leadership traits, styles and decision-making techniques.

    Please read and revise the attached paper, adding comments and corrections where possible.

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    The definition of leadership continuously evolves, as leaders can ideally choose a leadership style depending on the situational requirements. Subsequently, the question becomes what makes a leader? There is no strict formula or academic classes that can automatically create a leader; rather leaders are a culmination of experiences and knowledge gathered, an attitude for the daring and a personality that inspires. Upon reading Eddie Goldenberg's, The Way it Works, we discover former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien's leadership traits, styles and decision-making techniques. Within the book we learn how the former Prime Minister's leadership styles parallel these characteristics. These four styles are evaluated below:
    1. The supportive leader-Considers the needs of the follower by showing concern for employee welfare and creating a friendly working environment. Jean Chrétien demonstrated this style during his speech with his Ministers and Deputy Ministers regarding their working relationship with the public servants. Chrétien told the deputy ministers, as he had told the Cabinet at its first meeting the previous day, that he had learned from his experience in the Pearson and Trudeau Cabinets that governments only succeed when they trust the public service and when the politicians and the public servants respect one another's roles, and then work seamlessly together. By using the supportive leader style, Chrétien was attempting to develop ...

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