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Leadership Characteristics And Points of View

1. Who are the influencers (leaders) in your life?
2. Think of your life purpose. Why you are here and what do you want to accomplish?
3. Which of your core values will guide your behavior as you attempt to live your life "on purpose"?
4. Given what you've learned from past leaders, your life purpose, and your core values, what are your beliefs about leading and motivating people?
5. What can your people expect from you?
6. What do you expect from your people?
7. How will you set an example for your people?

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The major influencers or leaders in my life are, my mother and father, my grandparents, my operations managers, and President Barack Obama. Each of these leaders and influencers give me the motivation to give 100% in the pursuit of my goals and objectives, because they are each shining examples of what an individual can accomplish when they put forth an earnest effort.

I believe that my life purpose is to share information and knowledge with others, and to lead others in the pursuit of self-improvement and self actualization. I believe that I am here to influence others to take the right path, even though that path may be arduous and difficult at times. What ...