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    Implementation of Individual Development Plan - Mentor Evaluatio

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    Individual Development Plan. Select two activities to implement with a mentee. The two activities can be related to the same discipline or try and introduce separate activities that work on separate areas of growth. For example, if a mentee is working in listening skills, one can have the mentee create a written description of personal experiences with listening over the past weeks. This would allow one to use techniques to redirect the mentee's listening behavior during certain experiences. In addition, one could task the mentee with the opportunity to engage in a listening activity with another coworker or friend. This scenario could utilize some of the techniques provided based on results from the first activity. Or, one can develop an activity for listening and an activity for communicating with others. The need is to evaluate a current mentoring experience and create activities that will benefit a learning experience and a mentee's mentoring experience. The activity can be a written requirement, physical requirement, or an activity that initiates a behavioral change over a predetermined timeframe. As a mentee is working through the activity, the monitoring of the progress and the utilization of any coaching or mentoring techniques necessary to guide a mentee to be successful is the evaluation. A minimum of 3 hours monitoring and working with a mentee for each activity for consideration. This could be in a location that prevents conducting the activity face-to-face, use technology or additional resources to ensure the providing of a positive coaching and mentoring experience for a mentee.
    Complete a 250-500 word reflection on the information one could have obtained through the monitoring process. This could consist of a performance indicator chart along with a brief explanation of the current status in a coaching/mentoring process.

    Mentor Evaluation
    Consider the possibility that the monitoring of the progress of a mentee is continuing.
    Develop a mentor evaluation (1-2 pages) for a mentee to complete. This can a development of a survey, a questionnaire, or short-answer response document. The purpose is to collect feedback on the effectiveness of the Individual Development Plan together with coaching or mentoring techniques. Requirements to ask a mentee to complete the evaluation and provide feedback on the experiences.

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    Part 1
    Reflection on the information one could have obtained through the monitoring process. The two activities are listening skills and communication skills. The information that could have been obtained through the monitoring process is what can be obtained through a quiz that tests different aspects of listening and communication (1).
    In the case of listening skills, the computer-based quiz can test if the mentee has learned how to look at the speaker, maintain eye contact, and be attentive. The quiz will check if the mentee has learned how to remain ready to serve, and pay attention to the speaker. Next, the quiz will ask a question to ascertain if the mentee has learned to keep an open mind, listen to words, picture what the speaker is saying, and not interrupt the speaker. The quiz will also test if the mentee knows when to ask clarifying questions. The quiz will monitor if the mentee has learned to feel what the speaker is feeling, give the speaker regular feedback, and paying attention to non-verbal cues.
    In the case of communication skills, I will organize a discussion session between the mentee and two of his colleagues. The topics of discussion will be work-related and include some current issues in the workplace (2). The monitoring will be video recorded in the session. I will ...

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