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Employee Policies for Tardiness, Cell Phone, & Internet Use

Roberta has worked for you for almost a year. Until recently, she has been a great employee. However, this month she has been late to work five times. Additionally, you've noticed that she recently started checking her cell phone for messages several times an hour. You have also noticed that she is visiting non-work related sites on her computer.

How do you approach Roberta about this behavior, and how do you go about correcting it?
What policies and procedures can you put into place, and what steps can you take to correct Roberta's behaviors to help both her and your team succeed?

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The first action I would take is to call Roberta into my office and discuss her lateness, cell phone and Internet usage. I would mention that up to this point she has been a great employee, however, it appears that something has happened that is affecting her work adversely. I would then let Roberta reply, in hopes that she would use this opportunity to tell me the issue. It could be she is looking for new employment, has transportation or childcare issues, or other personal problems. One cannot assume the cause ...

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THis solution deals with a case in which Roberta has worked for almost a year as a great employee, however, recently she has been late numerous times and she has started checking her cell phone and visiting non-work related sites on her computer. The solution explains how to approach Roberta and correct this behavior, as well as possible policies needed in the workplace.