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    Creative Leadership

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    I need help for this assignment: Please read the assigned Chapters and Prepare an Abstract for each chapter.
    please open the attached files for the each chapter article.

    CHAPTER 1: We are all Innovators by Margaret J. Wheatley
    CHAPTER 2: Fleas and Elephants: by Charles Handy
    CHAPTER 3: Creative Leadership: by Max De Pree

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    The first article Margaret J. Wheatley titled "We are all innovators" is addressed to leaders and how they can get the best from their followers or team. The author stresses on the innovation and creativity in individuals that can be harnessed for organizations. The author has great confidence in the inventiveness of individual and that the responsibility to harness this great ability lies with the leader. She stresses that human beings are not machines but individuals with different perspectives, abilities and emotions. Human beings are capable of high quality work and are self-motivated. The author stresses that there is a need for meaning that makes people creative. If they perceive a specific problem or an opportunity, they become creative to solve it. From the stand point of the leaders, they should refrain from stereotyping individuals. Further it is necessary for a good leader to perceive the diversity among his followers. Further, the author points out the dangers of depending too many on homogeneous systems, such systems do not show versatility when there are changes in the environment. On the other hand diversity within an organization helps organizations become versatile. Also, it is essential that the leader gets everyone involved in the problem solving task. It is through systematic involvement that every person gets involved in the organization process. Their involvement also brings in their contribution to the organization. Even ...

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