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Business leadership, technology, product integrity and US

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Questions about the validity of the US as a leadership position, technology changes for business, product integrity and leadership.

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Is the following statement valid today? "U.S. technology is far ahead of the rest of the industrialized world". Why or why not? Please explain.

Our technology is farther advanced because we put much more emphasis on technology and knowledge than other countries earlier in the globalization movement. Our private industries must compete to maintain customer bases from private citizens to the small business and the large corporations. Technology moves with the requirements of the consumer whether it is private, government or military. Since Americans view technology as essential and are always wanting more, it is the companies that develop and promote more and better technology who succeed. In our capitalist society, this means we have companies always under pressure to be bigger, better, faster, and more efficient.

Other countries also need and use technology, but they are often more likely to use technology based in the United States or in partnership with one or our companies. While places like Japan, China, Germany, for example, all have technology and use and develop it, they did not focus on it from the outset and therefore are usually trying to use other technology to advance their own. In autos and some other industries, technology has advanced beyond American innovation, but the list is very limited and the U.S. promotes its knowledge of technology much more efficiently.

Why might firms be regarded as astutely managed at one point, yet subsequently lose their positions of ...

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