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    Qualities of Supervisors and Leaders

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    Although all supervisors and leaders share some important qualities, they also approach their jobs in different ways, depending on their styles and preferences. This assignment asks you to assess your leadership style and then to determine how you would apply those strengths.

    Follow the steps listed below to complete this 700-1,050-word assignment:

    1. Complete the leadership style questionnaire (results are Leader 64 %; Supervisor 36 %...also attached)

    2. Select one of the supervisory responsibility categories from the project list below:
    1. Demonstrating Communication Skills
    2. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods
    3. Improving Productivity for Teams
    4. Conducting Performance Appraisals
    5. Resolving Conflict
    6. Improving Employee Relations

    3. State the results of the questionnaire to explain what kind of leader you are. Then, explain how you would apply your strength as a leader, supervisor, or leader/supervisor mix to situations that might arise regarding the supervisory responsibility you selected.

    Follow APA formatting guidelines for this paper.

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