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    Talent management process

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    Research the talent management process within a company you are familiar with.

    Choose four (4) talent management approaches most closely describes the process at your selected company. Provide support for your response.

    Propose at least one (1) improvement in talent management that you would suggest for your selected company. Assess the type of value this improvement will provide for the company's goal.

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    In the modern organizations, it is essential to recruit people of high-worth having the right talent in order to fill the talent gap in the company. In this context, we would discuss the talent management process in Apple. We would also analyze its talent management process in relation to 4 approaches that relates to the process. Furthermore, suggestions would be advised for improving the company's talent management process and its value to the company.

    Talent management is a term used for managing the superior performance people of an organization in terms of recruitment, development and retention (Cutt et al., 2012). The talent management process includes a series of sequential activities such as understanding the requirement, sourcing of talent, attracting, recruiting and selecting the right talent, training and development, retention and promotion, competency mapping, performance appraisal, career planning and succession planning (Schweyer, 2010).

    In the below text, we would discuss the talent management process in Apple Inc. Apple is presently one of the most successful organizations in terms of market capitalization and technological advancements. The reason ...

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    Talent management processes are examined. The response addresses the query posted in 685 words with APA References.