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Results Based Leadership

In the forward of the book "Results Based Leadership (RBL), Warren Bennis asserts that what has been too often missing in business and leadership literature is a focus on the organizational results of the proscribed behavior. In other words, the "so thta".. is missing.

Discuss and support why one would agree or disagree with Dr. Bennis. How does the model presented by Kouzes and Posner in "The Leadership Challenge relate to Bennis' assertion? Where does the Be of Be,Know, Do fit in a discussion of organizational results?

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Leadership and Organizational Result

Leadership and Organizational Result
According to Warren Bennis, in the business and leadership process organizations always miss to describe the result of the proscribe behavior. As per my perception, I am agreed with fact that business and leadership literature does not focus this fact. A leader always forced by the management to work in a legal and ethical way (Asian Development Bank, n.d.). All the organization does not follow all the law and ethical consideration in their leadership process because of their personal benefits. There are some controversies in each organization (Zenger & Folkman, 2002).
The result based leadership always motivates the employees to enhance their attributes and ...

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The solution examines results based leadership for organizations. The expert discusses why there agree or disagree with this type of leadership.