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    The board has asked you to prepare a 10-15 year HR plan accommodating trends in demographics of generations, immigrations, training/education levels of employees worldwide, economic, technical, political, etc. Post an initial message of substance stating what business you are in (real or fictitious) to help the group with your thoughts and show the trends for three of the categories you have found and the strategies you recommend.

    Helpful examples:
    For instance, if there is a shortage of skilled workers in the U.S. - what country can provide the necessary employees? How do you know this? What will you do to develop a database of potential employees? Are there other options to solve this problem?

    If technology is changing and your workers will no longer have the skills to perform jobs of the future - What training will you offer? Are there countries with an excess on the type of workers that you will need?

    The entire post should explain from a HR position how HR will support upcoming issues of the organization.

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    The company I work for makes molded plastic toys. For its manufacturing operations, the company requires workers who are skilled in designing toys based on current market information, making wooden frames based on designs, making molds, and using plastic molding machines. With a decline in the availability of skilled workers in the US the challenge for HR is to find skilled workers who have the four skills. The market for plastic molded toys is forecast to increase and skilled workers will be required to replace those that leave the company and for additional workforce required.
    Our factory is located in San Diego, and the country that can provide the necessary employees is Mexico. We know this because there are at least forty firms in Mexico that make plastic molded products of different types. To develop a database of potential employees, I will take two steps. I will contact an employment agent who can ...

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