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    Hiring personnel for a growth company

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    I am doing a case study on Zipcar and I have two discussion questions that I have answered but I need a little bit more to reach the minimum requirement. I would greatly appreciate help with this.

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    Question #1:

    What makes Zipcar an attractive employer for which to work?

    There are numerous factors which make Zipcar an attractive company for employment options:

    * it is a new idea which represents a societal benefit which has over riding positive consequences for those in large cities specifically
    * its claims for reducing parking needs in already over crowded large cities represents a substantial benefit not only to potential users of this service, but also to city planners and companies who are interested in hiring the best talent available
    * it can help to reduce costs not only for those who choose to work there but also to consumers and to the company itself through reducing parking requirements for parking, fuel, insurance, and the like
    * it represents a high growth potential for those potential employees who have a sense of entrepreneurship and who have a high regard for the ...

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    These responses address considerations for hiring the appropriate employees for a growth oriented company.