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Leadership Qualities

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Self-leadership. Definition of Self-Leader: A person who is a self-leader is one who "can take the initiative to get what they need to be successful (Fowler, Blanchard, & Hawkins, 2007)."

1) Thinking of your current expectations of your chosen Master's program,

a. What skills do you believe you will require to be successful?

b. Who will you require to help you and how will you secure their help? For example, if your program has some higher level math or statistics (e.g., accounting or finance) do you expect that you will require additional help? If so, what can you start doing now to help secure that help in advance?

c. Finally, apply these same questions to your work life. What job requirements do you believe represent your greatest challenge?

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In order to be successful in your chosen Master's program, you will need to be an individual that is self-motivated. Self-motivation is a crucial factor in increasing the probability of the successful matriculation and completion of a Master's program. Although professors will be presenting you with the material that is required for your knowledge enhancement, they will by no means force you to study or complete your assignments. Is also very important to have adequate time management skills, due to the increased workload that graduate school ...