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Union versus Management

A) I was wondering if you can help me with a "title page" for my bargaining notebook regarding union vs management. The title page should contain a concise strong opening statement of the topic. Please note that I am doing my paper as a member of the Union side, not the Management side.

B) I would also need help with the Introduction. The introduction should provide an overview from the Unions point of view including a brief synopsis.

I have attached a small three page article on the company.


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With costs of everything from gasoline to food to medicine rising at a fast pace, workers are pressured to apply income to less and less to make ends meet. The Union's focus is to help workers remain solvent in the increasingly unstable economy. With some research, the Union is asking for minimal increases in pay, while also requesting the company continue to pay the previously negotiated percentage of health insurance benefits, match for pensions, and other related benefits.


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Unions versus management issues are examined. A brief synopsis for introductions are determined.