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Union versus Nonunion

You plan to have breakfast with Jane on her very first day of work and want to discuss the following specific topics, keeping in mind that she has no experience with union labor relations issues.

What led to unionization growing up through the 1950s?

What are at least 3 major differences that HR must be aware of in unionized environments versus a non-union environment?

What is your opinion about whether unionization is good or bad for the company and its employees, and why?

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What led to unionization growing up through the 1950s?

What led to the unionization growing up through the 1950s is important. The biggest concern at that time was pay. They were getting underpaid for doing a lot of work. In fact, the great depression did not help because people got paid much less than what one does today. Many were struggling to get by, and it was very difficult at that time. As a result, they went to strike. This happened in businesses, such as General Motors, coal mining, and so forth. Because of the individuals speaking up, they now were given more benefits and an increase in wages for their labor. Not only was that the case, but the demand for various products and services growing at that time. People were pleased with the results, and they wanted to keep the unions from the past to the present.

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This solution discussed the history of unions, and the differences between that and non unions.