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    Toyota Production System

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    Hello I need help with the following;

    Toyota's Production System, Just In Time, Toyota's success

    Thank you

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    Hello I need help with the following;

    Toyota's Production System, Just In Time, Toyota's success ETC....

    Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Toyota, Aichi, which also provides financial services and participates in other lines of business. It manufactures vehicles under the brand names Toyota, Hino, Scion and Lexus, and owns a majority stake in Daihatsu, and 8.7% of Fuji Heavy Industries. The company's Toyota automobiles are well regarded for their longevity and reliability.
    (Yahoo Finance)

    Toyota is Japan's biggest car company and also one of the world's largest company. The company produces a large range of vehicles, which are generally highly regarded for their quality, engineering, and value; their designs set global standards for safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

    Quality goals
    Its goal is to provide world class automobiles at competitive price levels. They are using Kaizen that is continuous improvement. "Kaizen," or continuous improvement, is the hallmark of the Toyota Production System. The primary objectives are to identify and eliminate "Muda," or waste in all areas, including the production process. "Kaizen" also strives to ensure quality and safety The Toyota Production System is built on two main principles: "Just-In-Time" production and "Jidoka." Underlying this management philosophy and the entire Toyota production process is the concept that "Good ...

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    This solution discusses the Toyota Production System, Just-in-Time strategy, and their success rates.