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Ford vs. Japanese car makers

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I am working on a project that would provide a comparison of one operational area of Ford Company vs. one successful Japanese car maker (Toyota, Honda...). For example, would need to describe operational strategies (manufacturing, supply chain) for mid size cars and recommend improvements for Ford.

This would be in the area of Operations and Value Chain Management.

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One of the key reasons for Toyota's success in the automobile industry is its unique production system, known as the Toyota Production system. It includes aspects of Jidoka, just-in-time production, and kaizen, reducing both inventories and defects. Jidoka is not letting a defect go from one machine to the next, particularly in automated machinery; essentially, it adds the ability to detect unacceptable quality during the process of production rather than waiting until the end, when it may be hidden. Just-in-time production is the principle of having parts ready just as they are needed, rather than maintaining inventories across an assembly plant and in warehouses. Most writers tend to focus on the cost savings from having less capital tied up in inventory under this system, but there is another advantage: ...

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Ford vs. Japanese car makers (mid size cars) improvements - Operational Management