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    Necessity of Projects

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    The practice of project management has been with us for a long time. This discipline and its evolution as a profession are detailed throughout this course. Today, project management has reached a maturity that entitles it to a rightful place in the practice and the literature of its field. However, the ability of the project management profession to remain viable in an ever- changing world is dependent upon the member of the profession to recognize change and to adjust to that change for the good of the organization.
    Write a focus paper on the necessity of projects as vehicles to accomplish an organization's strategic goals. Include in your argument the evolving changes in the world that will affect the way you manage projects, what human and organizational changes you think will allow for the improvement of project management and, what alternative to project management do you see evolving. Remember, a focus paper is an argumentative essay that attempts to persuade the reader of the truth or plausibility of a specific claim or position. A focus paper is NOT a summary, commentary, journal entry, personal reflection, analysis, compare and contrast essay, or an expository essay. The objective is NOT to convey information, show how much you know, or analyze a text. Rather, the primary goal is to persuade the reader that an important, interesting, and debatable thesis is true or plausible, and that the alternative position is untenable.
    Criteria for the Assignment
    • Map organizational objectives, goals, and strategies to the project outcomes.
    • Discuss (at the level of Application) if the project organization reflects organizational strategies.
    • Discuss (at the level of Application) if there has been a proper selection of project sponsor and project manager.
    • Demonstrate the adequacy of project policies, procedures, and techniques.
    • Discuss (at the level of Application) the uses of scope, time, cost, and quality with associated performance standards.
    • Discuss (at the level of Application) how to communicate the project to the organization.

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    In a focus paper, the showcase is in content that outlines the necessity of the subject matter within a particular framework. The objective is in presenting a persuasive point of reason that encourages considering a certain viewpoint that supports the underlining argument.

    Let's take a look at the core areas of focus within a focus assessment on project management:

    • Map organizational objectives, goals, and strategies to the project outcomes.

    Aim in framing the mapping of organizational objectives relate towards connecting resources to the core company's goals, and the strategies provide project management activities to take fold towards completion. The objective in mapping out organizational objectives provides an opportunity through proficient means of everyone involved in the project to effectively deliver their work packages. In doing so, the mapping organizational objectives correlates to the project scope for clearly and directly outlining how the framework of operation will facilitate the project resources. Consider the mapping of organization objectives as the means for creating the project scope within project management protocols - to strengthen the company as well as to creating a blueprint for facilitating the necessary tasks activities warranted. Some key focus elements to consider in persuading the noted concept entails:

    1. The project scope is utilized for a final assessment to the mapping of the organizational objectives in an orderly and professional way to deciphering the next plan of action. (Try and connect the variety of ways many company's goals ...

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    The necessity of projects are determined. The level of applications are discussed if the project organization reflects organizational strategies.