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Creative Environment in the Workplace

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Outline the important characteristics of a creative environment, and how it might impact their day to day operations: identify how managers and supervisors need to interact with employees in a creative environment. Discipline is still important, but it is managed differently. What are the important characteristics for managers to recognize and use when managing employees in a creative environment?

How are employees recognized and rewarded for innovation? Are there important considerations in each area that must be addressed?

How administrative procedures must be changed to facilitate the creative environment. That is, what types of support are most effective for those working in a creative environment? What types are least effective or stifle creativity?

You should discuss what works best for organizations trying to create this type of environment.

Provide references, please. Thank you.

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By examining each question, this solution outlines the important characteristics of a creative environment, and how it might impact their day to day operations.

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