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Social Equity, Affirmative Action, and Merit Pay

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1. It is important to be able to articulate the details of a given discipline through formal education and be knowledgeable enough to discuss social equity fluently in an interview or a meeting. Define the term social equity. .
2. State the purpose of affirmative action.
3. Identify the pros and cons of using merit pay within public-service organizations.
4. It is interesting to consider the advantages and challenges associated with contracting out personnel. Briefly describe an example of a public-administration situation where you would outsource the work. Then, briefly explain why outsourcing is advantageous to the situation.

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1. Social equity in essence means that there is an equal level of access to the benefits of living in a given society to all of the individuals within that society. One important aspect of social equity is equal access to employment opportunities, which prevents employers from discriminating against individuals based upon their race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. Social equity also includes equal opportunities for educational attainment for all of the citizens of a given area, which is a very important aspect of leveling the playing field for other future opportunities for those individuals as well. Social equity also includes ensuring that individuals are provided equal access to the best medical treatment available when they are in need of medical care, as well as being treated fairly and impartially in the legal system, no matter what the individual's social economic status may be or where these individuals may reside.

2. The purpose of affirmative action is to ensure that minority individuals are given equal representation on jobs, that is commensurate ...

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