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International Product Positioning for Dell in China

Establish the mission statement and objectives of your International Marketing Plan

Our country is Russia
Our company is Dell
Our product is television with built in tivo technology

I need help developing a mission statement and objectives

This is what I have started on the objectives but not sure if I am going the right direction:

Basic objective - To successfully position Dell's new high-definition television, YourVision in Russia's electronic market.

This basic objective can be met by meeting the following objectives:

1. To strengthen awareness of Dell Corporation and the new YourVision television nationally and internationally.

a. To create a website that can be viewed in popular Russian languages.

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My thoughts about the product are that it is not something that Dell would introduce into a brand new market without any previous experience marketing it at home (Dell doesn't make Tivo-enabled television sets. Dell makes two very limited Tivo products. One is a Wireless Network Adapter and the other is a Tivo recorder).

Secondly the internet infrastructure in Russia may not yet be robust enough to support the mass use of Tivo devices. You should research these issues before going with this particular product because in the real world this product would be too risky and Dell would not attempt it. They would most likely introduce a product that they are extremely adept at building and marketing domestically, so they would have a base of knowledge from which to start.

Having said that this is ...

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This is a discussion of a mission statement and sales and marketing objectives of an International Marketing Plan for Dell Computers high-definition television, YourVision in Russia's electronics market.