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    The International Chocolate Market

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    Jack Carlson started the Sugar Daddy Chocolate Company five years ago and is now selling about $1 million annually. Carlson would like to expand sales, but the U.S. market is very competitive. He has a friend with a small business who is not making 20 percent of his sales overseas. He wonders if any chocolates are exported. To find out, he calls a friend of his who is a professor of international business at the university and tells him that he wants to find out if chocolate is being exported. He asks the professor to research the following question:

    Is chocolate being exported?
    Which are the six largest importing nations?
    Which of these are growing markets?
    Carlson's export competition would probably come from which companies.

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    1. Is chocolate being exported?
    Yes, it is. Chocolate is heavily exported from Africa, Latin America/Caribbean and ...

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