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    Management Information System & Human Resource Planning

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    Should managers monitor email and Internet usage? Why or why not? Describe an effective email and Web usage policy for a company.


    This topic is "MANAGEMENT ISSUES" and the following three bullets should be a small part of the discussion.

    - Dealing with Platform and Infrastructure Change
    - Management and Governance
    - Making wise Infrastructure Investments

    Write a two to three pages white paper discussing the issue "MANAGEMENT ISSUES". Explore the topic in further detail or from a different perspective than that which was provided in the text. Provide possible solutions for the issue you are discussing, and include specifics as to why a certain solution would be most effective. Thus the white paper should contain something related to management information systems and their role and facilitation. Utilize at least two current (not more than 4 years old) scholarly sources in your paper. Include references and citations in APA format. (Information from the Text is Included)



    ESTIMATE THE COSTS OF TURNOVER FOR A SPECIFIC JOB TURNOVER COSTS = SEPARATION COSTS + REPLACEMENT COSTS + TRAINING COSTS + LOST PRODUCTIVITY COSTS+ ??????. To get an idea of how much it costs to replace an employee, use the provided guide to calculate the cost to replace your boss*. Please save the file to your own computer before filling in the sections. This is an estimate only and need not be exact. Use the following format: Your boss's job title / Cost of Replacement in $ dollars Then comment, in the discussion board, on the usefulness of the guide, any additional costs that you had to consider that were not in the guide and what your conclusions about hiring the right person with the right skills for the right job at the right time might be. (Note: if you are self-employed, take a position or job that you are familiar with to estimate the cost of replacement. (Estimate Guide Attached)


    What problems can result from cutting corners to save time or money in the staffing process?

    Documents Attached for Estimate Guide and Information from Text.

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    // In the below response we will discuss in detail human resources planning and management information systems. The below section will explain whether the managers should monitor the usage of emails and internet or not. We will also study about one internet usage policy which will help the organization monitor the usage of emails and web browsing. The importance of using this policy will also be explained which will improve the productivity and efficiency of employees.//

    Yes, the managers should monitor the email and internet usage in the organization for welfare and maintaining the secrecy. The employers must have regular watch on the day to day activities of the employees while they are working on their personal computers. If the organization allows employees to surf the internet and emails, then it must be ensured that they do not take disadvantages of using it. The extreme use of internet within the organization hampers the productivity and brings interruptions in the workplace (Laudon, 2008).

    The use of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. create destruction in the work of the organization, so it is necessary to keep a constant check on the activities of the employees. The usage of emails and internet deflect the employees from their job task which ultimately affects the profitability and working environment. It also motivates other employees to use such sites which keep slowing down their efficiency levels (Laudon, 2008).

    The organization should employ the internet usage policy to control the browsing behavior of employees at the workplace. It will help the employees concentrate on their wok and targets which will keep the working environment and information technology infrastructure secure. The GFI web monitor is used as effective internet usage policy which helps the employers to put restrictions on web browsing, downloading unwanted files, and installing the software which may hamper the infrastructure of the organization. This policy will protect the organization from viruses, data transferring outside, etc. It will help the employees to improve their efficiency and productivity levels (GFI, 2012).

    // In this section, we will explain some management issues like dealing with platform and infrastructure change, management and governance and investment in infrastructure. Firstly, we will study the platform and infrastructure change in an organization which requires proper skills and human expertise to integrate the information technology with infrastructure. We will also explain the management and governance required to maintain the technology infrastructure and information with the help of entire organization.//

    Dealing with Platform and Infrastructure Change

    The firm focusing on long term sustainability constantly changes their technology infrastructure to support the functioning of both internal and external environment. The company builds a well designed plan to change their technology and infrastructure platform. The integration information technology and infrastructure helps the employees to work in favor of the organization. The application, communication, and technology require proper harmonization with human skills to face tough competition in the market place (Laudon, 2008).

    The use of information technology ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1845 words with references.