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I have a Wall Street Journal article entitled: Japan Battles Soaring Yen, from August 31, 2010...

Link -

Please help me summarize this article (include comment and analysis). Thanks!

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//As per the given instructions, the paper includes an exhaustive review/summary of the given WSJ article i.e. "Japan Battle Soaring Yen". The given article mainly reflects the emergency monetary meeting in concern to the sagging economy and value of yen. //

Article Summary:

All across the world, soaring currency and sagging economy are one of the major issues that has badly impacted the progress and prosperity of large number of nations. In concern to the issue, Japan Central bank decided to implement some effective actions to control the appreciation of yen value and step up the sagging economic status. For such issues, Yoshihiko Noda (Finance Minister) also agreed that it would be beneficial to preclude yen value appreciation against the dollar, as it would lead in raising the slumping economic position. This analyzes that value of currency has profoundly impacted the economic conditions and thus, it is must to take decisive steps to control the currency appreciation.

To weaken the value of yen's increments, the Bank of Japan says that it decides to spread out lending facility with special low interest. The decisive actions for turning down the yen's moves have turned out as a path for elevating drooping stock market. From the given Wall Street Journal/Markets, it is found out that the Nikkei Stock Average increases by 3% in Tokyo trading. Over ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 894 words with references.

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