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    Realistic market launch

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    Greetings looking for assistance with the below assignment.

    1. I have to select a product and a target foreign market. (pick one)

    2. Plan a realistic market launch (from introduction through stabilization of operations). "Launch" applies to your target market, where you want to sell your product.

    3.Select a product (not a service) - real or imagined that will be launched in a country other than the United States. The product may be produced in the US, in your target market, or elsewhere.

    4. Submit a brief discussion on the topic choice and the product selection. Remember, this is just a initial proposal.

    5. Provide two to three paragraphs including your topic selection, product, and target foreign market. You will also need to provide a short reference list (5 sources minimum) and at least 3 of the 5 sources need to be a scholarly source.

    Things to Remember!
    •Your proposal should be about 2-3 paragraphs (not including title page)..
    •Format the proposal according to APA guidelines, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, with one-inch margins..
    •Include a reference list..

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    //The global fresh juice market is expanding as people have become more conscious about their health and diet. China, the USA, and Europe are the largest consumers of the juice, but the market for fresh juice is rapidly growing in other countries as well. Below, the product launch strategy for fresh juice in the South African market is discussed.//

    For the product launch, the foreign market of South Africa is selected as the target market. The fresh juice market in South Africa is underdeveloped as most of the people consider fresh juice as a luxury drink. There are many alternatives available for fresh juice like bottled carbonated drinks, which is cheaper than the fruit juices. The largest fresh juice company, Ceres Fresh Juices Ltd, had 22% market share in 2014 (Euromonitor, 2015). Therefore, the South African market has a huge scope, which can be exploited for launching ...

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